Getting up to Speed - What's happening?

Why might the school board close Roosevelt?

The BPS Board tasked the Elementary Facilities Committee with recommending a multi-year facility plan that didn't require a bond election. 

The Elementary Facilities Committee's Final Report was presented to the Bismarck School Board on June 14, 2017. Their recommendations can be viewed here.

In brief - they recommended the following:


  • Boundary Changes (Phasing Option)
    • Lincoln to Myhre
    • Northridge to Will-Moore
    • Solheim to Praire Rose
    • Sunrise to Miller
  • Northridge Equity completed (No capacity change)


  • Grimsrud Addition (Capacity increases from 268 to 625)
  • Roosevelt repuropsed as BECEP.
  • Boundary Change (No phasing option)
    • Liberty to Grimsrud
    • Roosevelt to Grimsrud


  • Centennial Addition opens (Capacity increases from 469 to 625)
  • Boundary change (No Phasing option) 
    • Some Highland Acres to Centennial (North of i-94)
    • Some Highland Acres to Grimsrud (South of I-94)

What has happened so far?

The BPS Board has taken 3 major actions at this time in response to the Facility Committee recommendations:

  1. Public input is being sought on three 2018/2019 micro-boundary changes before a decision is made. 
  2. Research is being done on the facility needs at Northridge, and the micro-boundary change will not be considered until better information is available. 
  3. The board announced that Highland Acres will not be considered for closure at this time.

All three actions above were driven in part by public outcry from the community. You can watch the two school board meetings - the public comments have been especially interesting. (6/26/17, 7/10/17)

What is happening next?

The BPS Board is focusing for now on the micro-boundary changes for the 2018/2019 school year. Public forums will be held from 7-8 pm Aug. 15 at Miller, Aug. 29 at Myhre & Sept. 7 at Prairie Rose. Parents can go to any 1 of the 3 meetings to provide input.

What about Roosevelt?

Roosevelt has not been granted the same assurance as Highland Acres that the school will remain open. We must act quickly to present a convincing argument that closing Roosevelt is not in the best interest of the students, the school district, or the community. The Roosevelt Elementary Alliance will work together to achieve this goal.

Our first meeting will be held on August 6th, 2017 at 7pm in the Roosevelt School Gymnasium. All interested parties are welcome and encouraged to attend.